The Imperative and Urgent Need for Cybersecurity Maturity in Electric Cooperatives


In today’s interconnected world, the need for robust cybersecurity is undeniable. Yet, it is increasingly clear that electric cooperatives, especially in the United States, have lagged behind in implementing cybersecurity measures. The stakes are high: a successful cyberattack can cripple your cooperative’s operations, undermine member trust, and have devastating consequences for your reputation. With my 10 years of experience working closely with the electric cooperative industry and my extensive network of cooperative IT professionals, I can attest to the urgency of elevating cybersecurity maturity across the board.

The Threat Landscape

The number of cyberattacks has risen exponentially in recent years. Electric cooperatives, previously considered low-priority targets, are not immune to these attacks. Some cooperatives have already suffered devastating cyberattacks, causing not just financial losses but long-lasting damage to their reputation. The smaller scale of many cooperatives makes them an easier target for attackers who view them as low-hanging fruit, offering a gateway to more significant infrastructural assets.

Why Electric Cooperatives are Vulnerable

  1. Lack of Awareness: Many cooperatives underestimate the importance of cybersecurity, erroneously believing that their smaller size makes them less likely to be targeted.
  2. Outdated Infrastructure: Legacy systems with outdated security protocols are a hotbed for potential cyber threats.
  3. Resource Constraints: Often running on tight budgets, some cooperatives deprioritize cybersecurity.

The Road to Cybersecurity Maturity

For electric cooperatives to safeguard their operations, they must commit to achieving cybersecurity maturity. Here are some steps to consider:

Risk Assessment

Understanding your vulnerabilities is the first step in crafting an effective cybersecurity strategy. Use established frameworks like NIST to assess your current state.

Technology Upgrades

Outdated systems are a significant vulnerability. Budget for and implement technology upgrades that meet current cybersecurity standards.

Employee Training

Human error accounts for a large percentage of security breaches. Ongoing employee training can drastically reduce the risk.

Data Backup and Recovery Plans

Ensure you have robust backup systems and recovery plans in place. In case of an attack, this will enable you to restore operations with minimal downtime.

Regulatory Compliance

Electric cooperatives must be aware of and compliant with federal and state cybersecurity regulations to protect not only themselves but also their members.

Community and Industry Collaboration

As someone who has spent a decade in the electric cooperative industry and has fostered relationships with dozens of cooperative IT folks, I cannot stress enough the importance of community and industry collaboration. Share insights, challenges, and solutions with other cooperatives and industry experts to collectively raise the bar on cybersecurity.


The imperative and urgent need for cybersecurity maturity in electric cooperatives cannot be overstated. The risks are real, and the consequences of inaction are severe. Now is the time for cooperatives to take proactive steps in strengthening their cybersecurity posture. Your members, your reputation, and the viability of your cooperative depend on it.

For further consultation on developing a robust cybersecurity program for your electric cooperative, feel free to reach out. With ten years in the industry, I have the expertise and the network to help you navigate this critical journey.

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