Protecting Our Power Grids: A Call to Action for Electric Cooperatives

In recent times, the world has witnessed an uptick in cyber-attacks targeting critical national infrastructures, with power grids being a prime target. A recent article by Andy Greenberg on Wired sheds light on the alarming activities of a Chinese hacker group identified as RedFly, linked to the notorious APT41 group, known for their brazen hacking schemes over the past decade.

The Emerging Threat Landscape

The Threat Hunter Team at Symantec revealed that RedFly breached the computer network of a national power grid in an Asian country, maintaining a presence in the IT network of the country’s national electric utility for at least six months. While the exact intentions remain unclear, the breach signals a potential shift in focus towards more aggressive targeting of critical infrastructures, including power grids.

Why Electric Cooperatives Should Be Concerned

As distribution utilities, electric cooperatives might feel somewhat removed from the threats facing national power grids. However, it is essential to understand that in the interconnected world of today, a breach in one part of the system can have far-reaching implications.

Moreover, the hackers are not just targeting transmission or generation utilities; they are exploring the entire ecosystem, looking for vulnerabilities that can be exploited to potentially disrupt power generation or transmission.

Refuting Arguments Against Being a Target

Some may argue that electric cooperatives, being smaller entities, are not likely targets for state-sponsored actors. However, this complacency can be a grave mistake. State-sponsored actors are known for their meticulous planning and long-term strategies. By undermining smaller entities, they can find a backdoor to larger, more significant targets.

Furthermore, the interconnected nature of power systems means that a vulnerability in a smaller entity can be a potential risk for the entire grid. Thus, no entity is too small to be a target, and safeguarding against potential attacks is not just a necessity but a responsibility.

A Call to Action

Electric cooperatives must take a proactive stance in securing their networks. This involves:

  • Regular Security Audits: To identify and fix vulnerabilities.
  • Employee Training: To foster a culture of security awareness and vigilance.
  • Tabletop Exercises:
  • Collaboration: Working closely with other stakeholders in the power sector to share knowledge and best practices.


In conclusion, the recent breach identified by Symantec is a wake-up call for all entities in the power sector, including electric cooperatives. It is a reminder that in the face of evolving threats, complacency is not an option. It is incumbent upon us to take the necessary steps to secure our grids and ensure the uninterrupted supply of power to our communities.

Let us not wait for a wake-up call to turn into a nightmare. It is time to act, to protect our cooperatives, and by extension, our national security.

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