S1, E7 – Introducing KIKrr and the HACKERverse (Sponsored)

Off the Wire
Off the Wire
S1, E7 - Introducing KIKrr and the HACKERverse (Sponsored)

Discover the inspiring journey of KIKrr’s co-founders, Mariana Padilla and Craig Ellrod, in Episode 7 of the Off the Wire podcast, “Introducing KIKrr and the HACKERverse.” Dive into Mariana’s transition from non-profit work to leading KIKrr, as she demystifies cybersecurity for businesses. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in tech innovation and cybersecurity solutions.

KIKrr is an innovative platform designed for the cybersecurity industry. It acts as an automated demo marketplace with a built-in events arena, showcasing the functionality of cybersecurity software. KIKrr enables users to experience products in a real-world, interactive environment. Additionally, it fosters a community of professionals seeking new cybersecurity solutions and provides a unique marketplace for connecting buyers with vendors.

Learn more and connect with KIKrr at kikrr.co. Don’t miss this captivating exploration of the HACKERverse!

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