S1, E5 – Guest Interview: Eric Braxton

Off the Wire
Off the Wire
S1, E5 - Guest Interview: Eric Braxton

In this enlightening episode of “Off the Wire,” Anthony and Jon sit down with Eric Braxton, a award-winning leader in the cybersecurity field, specializing in the energy sector. Eric brings his extensive experience and a unique perspective to the discussion, sharing insights from his journey in cybersecurity.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Eric’s Path in Cybersecurity: We delve into Eric’s background, exploring his transition into becoming a cybersecurity expert.
  2. The Role of Cybersecurity in Energy: Eric discusses the critical importance of cybersecurity in the energy sector and its impact electric cooperatives.
  3. Strategic Security Architecture: Learn about Eric’s approach to creating robust security architectures that align with both security standards and operational objectives.
  4. Challenges and Triumphs: Eric shares his experiences in handling complex cybersecurity challenges, and his successes in implementing effective strategies.
  5. The Human Element: Beyond technology, Eric emphasizes the role of trust, commitment, and teamwork in cybersecurity, influenced by his roles as a parent, husband, and friend.
  6. The Tim Peede Technology Excellence Award Eric received at the 2023 CTCE conference. 

Guest Bio: Eric Braxton is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity. He’s currently advancing cybersecurity initiatives at Central Electric Membership Corp. As a member of the Cybersecurity Members Advisory Group at NRECA, he is deeply invested in safeguarding electric cooperatives.

Resources Mentioned:

Closing Thoughts: Eric Braxton’s dedication to cybersecurity, particularly in electric cooperatives, is not only inspiring but also crucial in today’s digital age. His insights remind us of the importance of safeguarding our systems and the values they represent.

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