Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Jon Watkins?
Jon Watkins is the founder of Jon Watkins Consulting and a certified CISSP professional by (ISC)². With over 14 years of practical experience in cybersecurity, Jon leads our team in providing cutting-edge Cyber Security Solutions to organizations.

2. What services does Jon Watkins Consulting offer?
We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including meticulous security assessments, strategic risk management, immersive tabletop exercises, and engaging security awareness training. Our goal is to empower organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to enhance their cybersecurity posture.

3. Why should I choose Jon Watkins Consulting for my cybersecurity needs?
We bring a wealth of practical experience and expertise to the table. Our founder’s proactive approach to process and technology ensures that we stay ahead of evolving threats. We’re dedicated to crafting solutions that withstand real-world pressures, making us a trusted partner in your cybersecurity journey.

4. How can security assessments benefit my organization?
Security assessments meticulously analyze your digital landscape, identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats. Our experts provide actionable insights that empower you to fortify your defenses and enhance your overall cybersecurity posture.

5. What are tabletop exercises, and why are they important?
Tabletop exercises are immersive simulations that help organizations proactively respond to cyber threats and incidents. They foster effective teamwork, enhance communication, and fine-tune incident response procedures, ensuring your team is prepared to navigate crises.

6. How does security awareness training contribute to cybersecurity?
Security awareness training equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to recognize and mitigate potential cybersecurity risks in their daily activities. By fostering a culture of vigilance, your team becomes the first line of defense against cyber threats.

7. Can Jon Watkins Consulting tailor its services to my organization’s needs?
Absolutely. We understand that each organization is unique. Our services are designed to be customizable and adaptable to your specific industry, risk profile, and challenges, ensuring the solutions we provide align with your goals.

8. What’s the process of engaging Jon Watkins Consulting’s services?
Reach out to us through our contact form, email, or phone. We’ll have an initial discussion to understand your needs. Based on that, we’ll propose a tailored approach and solution. Upon your agreement, we’ll work closely with your team to implement the chosen services.

9. How can I stay updated on cybersecurity trends and news?
We regularly share insights, tips, and industry updates on our blog. Feel free to explore our blog section to stay informed about the latest cybersecurity trends, threats, and best practices.

10. What’s the next step to get started?
To embark on a journey towards enhanced cybersecurity, simply reach out to us. You can use our contact form, email, or phone to get in touch. We’re excited to discuss your needs and provide the solutions that will fortify your digital future.

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