Understanding the 3-2-1 Backup Methodology and the Value of Immutable Backups

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In the digital age, your data is your most valuable asset. Loss of critical business information due to hardware failure, human error, or cyber-attacks can have severe consequences for your operations. At Jon Watkins Consulting, we understand the need for robust backup and data protection strategies. Today, we’re diving into the highly-recommended 3-2-1 backup methodology and why immutable backups are a game-changer for any business serious about data protection.

New Resource Alert: Cybersecurity Startup Checklist for IT Professionals

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Navigating the complex world of cybersecurity can be daunting, especially if you’re an IT professional who has recently taken on this responsibility within your organization. That’s why we at Jon Watkins Consulting have created a comprehensive resource to make this journey a little easier for you.

Accessibility vs. Availability: Understanding the Nuances in the Context of the CIA Triad

The CIA Triad—Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability—is an information security model that serves as the cornerstone for developing robust and resilient cybersecurity policies. While each component of the triad is critical, the terms “accessibility” and “availability,” which often fall under the ‘Availability’ part of the CIA Triad, are frequently used interchangeably. This creates a conceptual confusion that may result in the implementation of less-than-optimal security controls.

Navigating the Risks for Small to Medium Sized Electric Cooperatives: Balancing Long Tenure and Multi-role Dynamics

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In the ever-changing landscape of small to medium-sized electric cooperatives, lean teams have become a staple for operational efficiency. These teams, comprising versatile individuals who often wear many hats, frequently include members with long tenure. While this setup offers several benefits, it’s crucial to acknowledge and address the potential risks specific to electric cooperatives in this context.

FBI: Patches for Recent Barracuda ESG Zero-Day Ineffective

🚨 Urgent Alert 🚨 The FBI has issued a stark warning about the Barracuda Email Security Gateway (ESG) vulnerability, emphasizing that the recent patches have proven ineffective against ongoing attacks. Tracked as CVE-2023-2868, this flaw has been exploited since October 2022 and continues to be targeted by cybercriminals. Despite Barracuda’s efforts, the vulnerability still exposes ESG appliances to compromise by Chinese state-sponsored cyber actors.

Is This a Crisis? Understanding the Stakes in Tabletop Exercises

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Is this a crisis? It’s a question that echoes through boardrooms, virtual conference rooms, and behind closed doors in the world of crisis management. It’s not a question of mere curiosity; it’s a call to action, a test of readiness, and a measure of understanding in the face of the unknown. In the context of tabletop exercises, this question is more than a passing thought—it’s the core of effective crisis management.

Enhancing Cybersecurity: The Power of Paper-Based Assessments and Senior Staff Interviews

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, understanding and managing cyber risks has become critically important for organizations of all sizes. While digital tools and technologies play a crucial role in safeguarding data, the human element must not be overlooked. One effective method to assess cyber risk is through paper-based assessments, starting with insightful interviews with senior staff members.

6-Year Anniversary Signage Refresh for Low Voltage Solutions

As a dedicated solopreneur offering a blend of cybersecurity expertise and creative solutions, the opportunity to collaborate with fellow local business owners is always a rewarding experience. Recently, I had the privilege of contributing to a project for Low Voltage Solutions (LVS) that holds significant value for both of us. This venture involved refreshing the signage I originally designed for them in 2017 when their new logo was unveiled. LVS has solidified its position in the community by delivering top-notch solutions in audio, video, security, data, and phone systems installations. Notably, the owner of LVS and I share a personal friendship, which added an extra layer of camaraderie to this already meaningful collaboration.

Embracing the Unconventional: My Dual Passion for Cybersecurity and Creativity

In a world that often compartmentalizes interests and passions, I proudly wear my badge of peculiarity. Why? Because I am unapologetically passionate about two seemingly disparate domains – Cybersecurity and Creative Services. Let me take you on a journey into the unconventional world that is the driving force behind Jon Watkins Consulting.

New Website Launch!

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Welcome to the new digital frontier of Jon Watkins Consulting! We are thrilled to unveil our freshly designed website – a hub of knowledge, resources, and insights aimed at empowering organizations to navigate the intricate landscape of cybersecurity with confidence.

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