Culture Eats Policy for Breakfast: Unmasking the Biggest Cybersecurity Loophole

In the grand masquerade ball that is corporate cybersecurity, there exists a ubiquitous, unassuming infiltrator — your company’s culture. While businesses around the world are busy beefing up their cybersecurity policies with labyrinthine protocols and military-grade encryption, this infiltrator slips through the gaps, undetected, wreaking havoc from the inside. Let’s face it, culture eats policy for breakfast, and that’s a meal that can be hard to digest.

Crafting a Robust Security Program: Addressing Phishing, Stolen Credentials, and Software Vulnerabilities

In the cyberscape of online threats, it is imperative to remain a step ahead of potential security breaches. The 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) sheds light on the pressing concerns of phishing, stolen credentials, and software vulnerabilities, which form the triad of cyber threats. Let’s delve into how you can craft a security program that effectively addresses these threats.

Protecting Our Power Grids: A Call to Action for Electric Cooperatives

Power Grid Station. Electrical Distribution Station, Transformers, High-voltage Lines In Sunny

In recent times, the world has witnessed an uptick in cyber-attacks targeting critical national infrastructures, with power grids being a prime target. A recent article by Andy Greenberg on Wired sheds light on the alarming activities of a Chinese hacker group identified as RedFly, linked to the notorious APT41 group, known for their brazen hacking schemes over the past decade.

Phishing Tests: Harmful or Helpful?

In the current scene of cybersecurity, organizations are constantly seeking ways to strengthen their defenses against cyber threats. One such strategy that has been adopted is phishing tests, a simulated phishing attack aimed at educating employees on the dangers of phishing and improving their ability to recognize such threats. However, the effectiveness of phishing tests has been a topic of heated debate. Drawing from the insights presented in the “2023 State of the Phish” report, let’s delve into both sides of the argument.

Strengthening Electric Cooperatives: Budgeting for Cybersecurity Projects as a Fortification Tool

piggy bank

As budget season approaches for electric cooperatives, it’s essential to consider allocating resources towards strengthening cybersecurity measures. In an era where cyber threats are on the rise, budgeting for cybersecurity projects is a powerful tool to fortify your cooperative and ensure the uninterrupted delivery of services. This blog post aims to remind electric cooperatives why budget season is an opportune time to plan and implement cybersecurity initiatives for their upcoming work plan in 2024.

The Imperative and Urgent Need for Cybersecurity Maturity in Electric Cooperatives

Terrorist in mask holding dynamite while using laptop in dark room

The imperative and urgent need for cybersecurity maturity in electric cooperatives cannot be overstated. The risks are real, and the consequences of inaction are severe. Now is the time for cooperatives to take proactive steps in strengthening their cybersecurity posture. Your members, your reputation, and the viability of your cooperative depend on it.

Cybersecurity Culture: Lessons from Jax the Watchdog and Lucy the Hunter

In today’s complex digital landscape, having a strong cybersecurity posture is more crucial than ever. Interestingly, the unique personalities of our family dogs, Jax and Lucy, serve as the perfect analogies for the different facets of a robust cybersecurity culture. While Jax stands guard as our vigilant watchdog, Lucy adopts the role of a skilled hunter, always on the lookout for potential threats.

That Extra Click Could Save Your Digital Life!

Email accounts are like the front door to your digital life. The scary part? They’re often the #1 target for cyber attackers. 🎯 Why? Because it’s the gateway to almost everything you value online—your social media, bank accounts, and even your business secrets.

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