6-Year Anniversary Signage Refresh for Low Voltage Solutions

As a dedicated solopreneur offering a blend of cybersecurity expertise and creative solutions, the opportunity to collaborate with fellow local business owners is always a rewarding experience. Recently, I had the privilege of contributing to a project for Low Voltage Solutions (LVS) that holds significant value for both of us. This venture involved refreshing the signage I originally designed for them in 2017 when their new logo was unveiled. LVS has solidified its position in the community by delivering top-notch solutions in audio, video, security, data, and phone systems installations. Notably, the owner of LVS and I share a personal friendship, which added an extra layer of camaraderie to this already meaningful collaboration.

Low Voltage Solutions: A Local Legacy

As I mentioned, LVS has been a staple locally over the last 23 years and have a reputation for providing stellar service. In my former role, I leaned heavily on LVS for our access control solutions, security cameras, and other low voltage projects, such as providing the projectors and sound systems for corporate board rooms. Scott Huffman, who owns LVS, has done a fantastic job of expanding the business over the last two decades and over time we’ve become pretty good friends. It doesn’t hurt that he’s an awesome bass player either!

The Essence of Refresh: LVS’s Decision

Around six years back, Scott and I got together to chat about giving LVS’s brand a fresh new look. While they had a logo, we both agreed it could use a bit of a boost. After digging deep into research and putting in some serious design work, I came up with a brand-new logo that nailed their dedication to top-notch quality and was a breeze for both existing and potential customers to spot. Sticking to the original color palette, my main goal was to give the LVS brand an even stronger presence.

Previous logo
New logo created in 2017

Hand-Crafted Excellence Revisited

In the world of design, the touch of human craftsmanship holds an unparalleled allure. As a solopreneur, I channeled my expertise and passion into breathing new life into LVS’s logo. The hand-painted approach not only preserved the authenticity of the Scott’s business but also added a touch of uniqueness that only comes with personal dedication.

Refreshing the Signage

Recently I noticed that Scott’s signs could use a refresh. While the signs remained fairly legible, the relentless impact of six years of Ohio weather had certainly left its mark. Notably, the smaller identity sign, positioned to face both north and south, displayed the typical disparity: the southern side bore the brunt of weathering. On the other hand, the northern side, though in better condition, exhibited early signs of moss growth and required cleaning. The 8′ x 10′ building sign, oriented towards the east, wasn’t in dire straits, but the vibrant red hue had noticeably faded, and the black elements had begun to show signs of deterioration.

The large 8′ x 10′ sign before repainting.
Refreshed and ready to install!
Newly painted signs, looking great!

A Testament to Creative Services

The LVS project, with the invaluable guidance of owner Scott Huffman, echoes the spectrum of creative services that define my journey as a solopreneur at Jon Watkins Consulting. From crafting timeless logos to orchestrating intricate hand-painted signage, each project is an embodiment of my commitment to creativity. This endeavor with LVS highlights my dedication to delivering innovative solutions that not only meet the client’s requirements but surpass their expectations.

Tie-in with Cybersecurity Consulting

In addition to my creative services, I also operate a cybersecurity consulting side of the business that focuses on safeguarding businesses in the digital realm. Just as I strive to preserve the legacy of brands through creative design, I also recognize the importance of preserving their digital identity in the age of technology. Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into your brand’s visual identity, explore creative design services, or fortify your digital presence against cyber threats, I’m here to help. Reach out to me for all your creative and cybersecurity needs.

A Heartfelt Thank You

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Scott Huffman, the owner of Low Voltage Solutions, for initially entrusting me with this project. Your vision and commitment to the legacy of LVS have been an inspiration throughout this journey of creative revival. Thanks Scott!

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